16 November 2013

Beating a Dead Horse

The last time I worked at the tasting room at Pedernales Brewing Company, an employee of Saint Arnold Brewing Company came in. She was showing her family the Hill Country and stopped in to visit the brewery. She was boisterous and funny, and I liked her instantly.

During the course of our conversation, she brought up the latest Bishop's Barrel release. I stopped her half way through and told her, "Don't tease me like that.  We'll never see it here."

Her eyes got wide as saucers. "What?"

"All that stuff stops at I-35.  It doesn't come out into the Great Texas Craft Beer Desertâ„¢." Then I told her the story about the farmer near Houston who fed his Kobe-style beef several hundred cases of out of date Endeavour, and how I hadn't been able to get any for months. She asked how I liked Pumpkinator. I said that I liked it, but the whole county only received one keg. I added that last year, the county got one case of Divine Reserve. She said that she would "have to talk to Brock about this."

I have no way of knowing whether she did or not, but the Ben E. Keith sales guy knows I like beer like that, and texted me that the local honey hole got a case of Endeavour this week.

I would like to think that it was the hand of Brock Wagner at work, but I'm pretty sure it is the result of me complaining to the Ben E. Keith rep.


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