12 November 2013

FBC Pioneer Porter Clone Kegging Day

I kegged the Pioneer Porter yesterday. Good thing too! Over the weekend, I finished off the Heretic Evil Twin, the barleywine, and the Citra Double IPA. (Don't panic! There were only a couple of pints in each keg.

I've mentioned that one of my favorite beers is Fredericksburg Brewing Company's Pioneer Porter. Unless Hoppy Holidays or The Giant are on tap.  I like the porter because it leans a bit more to the chocolate side of the flavor spectrum, rather than to the roasty side.

As the fermenter was draining, I measured the beer, and it came in at 1.006. Since the OG was 1.057 yielding 6.8% abv. A bit higher than I wanted, but what are you going to do?

Satisfied that I'd recorded everything correctly, I glanced over at the keg. It was overflowing! Shit!

So I grabbed a large bowl and siphoned out a couple of quarts so I could get a lid on it.

How did it taste? Very close to the FBC version. I thought I noticed a bit of roast flavor, but overall I'm saying I cloned it. I followed up with a trip to the brew pub to see how well I did.


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