14 September 2013

Heretic Evil Twin Brew Day

Well, the day started out well. I hit my pre-boil gravity, 1.059.

Then it went pear-shaped. After an hour boil, my gravity was still the same. I didn't do a really vigorous boil, and maybe that was the culprit. There wasn't a lot of evaporation.  And the humidity was at 98%, too. I managed to snag a cooled sample, and came up with 1.064 instead of 1.069.  Close enough.

After cleaning up, I sat down for a bit to drink water. I was quite dehydrated.  When I stood up to refill my glass, there was a twinge in my lower back.  An hour later, that twinge was a needle sharp pain. I was still and sore, and couldn't figure out when I hurt my back.

I had planned to keg Belgian Bombshell, but I decided to let my back heal first. This was a few days ago, so right now, I plan to keg it tomorrow.

Now, excuse me. I have to go sit on a heating pad.


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