18 June 2013

CYBI Citra DIPA Kegging Day

With the National Homebrewers Conference quickly approaching, I needed to keg this so I would be free to concentrate on other things for the rest of the month. The hopping schedule on this made it an expecially long ferment.

The recipe for CYBI Citra DIPA as I recorded it called for the hops at day four of fermentation. But, on review of the show, I should have waited till fermentation was complete.


I pulled a sample at kegging, and was an opaque light tan.  Not clear at all. I have a problem with opaque beers that aren't black. So I may have to filter this.  But I will let it sit in the cooler for the two weeks, and hope that clears while I'm at the Nationa Hombebrewers Conference.

I liked the aroma! The flavor was a tad too bitter but that should drop out in a couple of weeks.

My original gravity was 1.067, and the final was 1.013, which gave me about 7% ABV.


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