16 June 2013

Citra Wheat Kegging Day

The other day I finally managed to stop procrastinating and keg the Citra Wheat.

When I ordered the ingredients, I noticed a new yeast at Austin Homebrew Supply called Persica. According to the web site:

From the Pacific Northwest, this strain is fruitier than WLP001 with peach/apricot notes with a slightly lower attenuation. This strain has good diacetyl reduction capability.

So I was curious to see what this beer would wind up tasting like.

I noticed a white, almost pellicle like residue in the fermenter after kegging, and noted a slight sour smell. There was a fruity flavor to the aroma, nothing too out of balance, and that hint of sour. I did not taste anything sour, and thought the beer was quite good. I may be using Persica a lot more often.

My OG was 1.044, and my FG was 1.005, which yielded an ABV of about 5%.


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