12 June 2013

I Wish Grape Juice was Closer

Since my work schedule changed at the first of the year, I don't have as many opportunities to visit Grape Juice in Kerrville. They have a good selection of craft beers. Not a Flying Saucer selection, but Grape Juice is in a much smaller town. So when you see Green Flash, Dog Fish Head, Left Coast beers beside Rahr & Sons, Pedernales Brewing and Jester King, it's a place you have to visit.

What's particularly annoying is that Kerrville is just thirty minutes from where I live. They have the same beer distributors. And they can get beers that are unavailable here in Paradise. They are unavailble mainly because Keg One and Ben E Keith don't want to be bothered with bringing out into the Great Texas Craft Beer Desert.

Then I have to talk about Grape and Grain, my favorite "local" liquor store.  Keg One has been promising Ballast Point beers in the area for a couple of months. They want Sculpin IPA to be at Oktoberfest but don't want to bring the brand here for us regular Joes. It's at Grape and Grain.  Along with a couple other Ballast Point Beers.

Maybe I need to open a beer store here.


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