16 February 2013

Maple Beer

My dad hasn't lived on a farm since the 1940s, but he subscribes to a bunch of farming magazines. One of his favorites is Countryside Magazine. And he always tosses it to me, saying, "I know you want to read it."

Really? I've never lived on a farm!

In this month's issue is an article about syrup from sugar maples. At the end of Jeff DeBillis' article he talks about making beer with maple sap.

Well, say no more!

DeBellis writes that we should consider a bock extract kit and replacing the water with maple sap. You're going to need six gallons of sap, with 3 gallons of sap pre-boiled to kill bacteria.

Has any reader tried this?  Does anyone have six gallons of sap they want to give me?

Post your experiences in the comments, please.


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