14 September 2010

DFW Beercation Stop 1 - The Covey

Satan and I decided that we were in need of a beercation, so we headed to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We had heard there were a few brew pubs there.
Our first stop was at The Covey Restaurant and Brewery. I had been there back in 2009, just before my final Jimmy Buffet Concert (and thereby hangs a tale, but that's for another blog, or an open letter to Jimmy Buffet).
We got to The Covey after the lunch rush and there were only a few people in the place. We sat in the bar are and ordered the sampler. They were all great beers, and I was leaning towards the Limey Bastard bitter or the 100 (2) Belgian ale. But after Satan ordered Alligator Stuffed Jalapenos and I ordered the Ta-taka pizza, I decided on on the HopPodge IPA.

Stuffed jalapenos were excellent, just the right amount of heat from the pepper a and spice from the seasoning. Really well balanced. But we should have paced ourselves. No sooner than we finished the appetizer, our food arrived.

The Ta-Taka pizza had sliced buffalo, and was topped with an awesome Asian sauce. A definite winner, in my book. I had two pieces of pizza left on my plate, and was about to push away from the table, when Satan unleashed the full fury of The Satan Push©, and taunted me into forcing the last two slices down. Now you see why I call him Satan.

The evilest man on the face of the planet: SGTSatan! Update: On September 24, a date that will forever live in infamy, The Covey closed forever. Jamie Fulton, the owner and brewer, will be moving to Washington, D.C., where he will become the brewer for Farmers and Brewers.


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Blogger assurbanipaul said...

Sorry about the prices. Covey has abruptly +$1 to +$1.50 beers just recently.

Used to reserve the high-dollar items for the specials and high-gravity beers. Now, $5.50 and up per pint is the norm.

10:49 PM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

The Covey has always been a bit "upscale" (to use a tourism related euphemism). Anytime I see the waitstaff in long aprons, I know to expect a big bill. But, I pay it every time. That was some good beer and some good food.

6:59 AM  

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