04 March 2009

Wheat Brown Porter Update

After brewing Randy Mosher's Wheat Porter Recipe a few times, I thought I had things down pat. The last time I brewed it, though, I forgot to order the Carafa III, and wound up with a tan beer.

Never one to waste good copy, I posted my trials and tribulations on the Brewing Network forums, and Rhino777 suggested I add Sinimar.

Sinimar is a coloring extract, used in the German brewing industry for the last 100 years. They use this extract to gain color without balancing the potential off flavors of roasted malts, and, since it is made from barley, keeps them within the Reinheitsgebot.

I ordered a bottle and added it to the already kegged beer, and I must say I am almost happy with the results. The beer has a roasty/metallic tang to it that I attribute to the unfermented extract added after kegging. As a result, this is not my favorite batch of Wheat Porter.


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