14 February 2009

Tasty APA Brew Day

I am a huge fan of The Brewing Network, and one of the brewcasters, Mike "Tasty" McDole won the 2007 Samual Adams Longshot with this Pliny the Elder clone. I modified the recipe to 5 gallons and my efficiency.

Tasty APA

Estimated OG - 1.056

Estimated IBUs - 42

8# 2 row
3# pilsner
1# Cara-Pils
1/2# Crystal 40L
1/2# flaked wheat
.25 oz Chinook 13%/mash
.25 oz Warrior 19%/60
.25 oz Simcoe 12%/10
.25 oz Northern Brewer 9%/10
.25 oz Centennial 10.5%/1
.25 oz Simcoe 12%/1
2 oz Cascade 5.75/0
1 oz Columbus 15%/dry
.5 oz Centennial 10.5%/dry
.5 oz Simcoe 12%/dry
Irish moss
WLP 001

Now, when I ordered the ingredients, I knew I couldn't get the same alpha acids as the recipe called for. Except for the Cascade and the Centennial, since the amounts were so small, I figured I could adjust the weight as needed.

The water here in Paradise is a bit on the hard side, so I will blend that water with distilled water to get something a bit softer, and hopefully, the beer won't be so bitter.


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