24 February 2009

Rye Cream Ale Kegging Day

I kegged Bugeater's rye cream ale last weekend, and got an OG of 1.006. I was concerned that since I didn't sanitize the counterflow chiller, I might have a bad batch of beer, but I think Ninkasi protected me.

The beer does have a pronounced corn aroma, though. And I did use flaked corn in the mash, so that may be the source. The beer is almost opaque--I would even say "muddy", but I can't tell if that's from the rye. Wheat beers I have made come out that way, and wheat and rye are similar. . .

The taste was pretty clean. I couldn't pick out any corn or rye flavor, which forces me to wonder why I used the rye at all. Oh well, I'll know in a couple more weeks.


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