22 February 2009

Attack on Breweries in Oregon

Four Democrat state legislators in Oregon have proposed a bill to raise taxes a whopping 1900%, to $50 a barrel. The money they raise will help the state's budget, cover treatment costs for those addicted to alcohol and "other substances."

What the. . .? Why should the brewing industry pay for drug addicts?

This will, the lawmakers contend, also reduce drunk driving and alcoholism.

I call "Bullshit!" on this one. People who live close to the borders will drive to other states or Canada to buy their beer, drink it and drive home.

This is typical Democratic politics: raise taxes on businesses no matter the cost. These Democrats seem to think business is on top of a huge pile of cash, and don't realize that business will divert money from their payroll to pay the tax, and people will lose their jobs.

If you are in Oregon, here's who you need to write to express your opinion:
sen.jackiedingfelder@state.or.us sen.dianerosenbaum@state.or.us sen.billmorrisette@state.or.us


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