06 March 2009

Aud's So Scufflin' Barley Wine 2

Normally, I would never use rice in a beer I make. But I heard an interview with Patrick Rue of the Bruery and he mentioned that he uses flaked rice instead of sugar in his saison.

Well, I was intrigued!

Aud's No Scufflin' Ale 2
7.5# LME (boiled 15 minutes)
6.5# 2-row malt
1# Crystal 10L
1# Crystal 80L
1# flaked rice
4oz pale chocolate
4oz flaked wheat
2 0z Sorachi Ace 14%/60 minutes*
3/4 oz Warrior 16%/10 minutes
3/4 oz Chinook 12%/0
.8 oz Saaz 6%/0
OG - 1.096 - 114 IBUs

*Yes, I know I said I would never use these again, but I have 4 ounces I need to use. The bitterness should help cut the malt sweetness of the beer. The remainder of the hops are leftover from Dirktastic.

Actual OG was 1.086. And I used the yeast from Dirktastic to pitch.


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