10 February 2009

Bugeater's Rye Cream Ale

Despite Satan's distaste for rye beers, I decided to brew a cream ale with rye on January 31. I got the recipe from Bugeater on the BN Forums.

Bugeater's Rye Cream Ale

Estimated OG - 1.056
Actual OG - 1.051
Estimated IBUS -

5.5# two row malt
5# Pilsener malt
1# flaked rye
1# flaked corn
1/2# Cara-Pils
1 oz Norther Brewer 5.7%/mash hop
1 oz Saaz 5.8%/60 min.
1/4 oz Saaz 5.8/5 min.
WLP 001

Everything went well. It was only when I had hooked the fermenter to the counterflow chiller that I realized that I had forgotten to sanitize the chiller when I emptied the sanitizing solution out of the fermenter. I cracked the valve on the kettle with a prayer to Ninkasi, and continued.

I will keep you posted.


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