04 February 2009

The End of 3.2 Beer?

As much as I complain about Texas' arcane and mystifying beer laws, there are some things we can take for granted: like full strength beer in the grocery stores. Some states, notably Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah and Kansas only allow grocery stores to sell 3.2% alcohol beer. Liquor stores may sell full strength beer, which creates some interesting sights. When in Denver a couple of years ago, Satan and I stopped at a Whole Foods to stock up on beer from Colorado, we noticed that the beer portion of the store had a separate entrance, and was called Whole Food Liquors. In Tennessee, liquor stores have to have a physical barrier between regular strength beer and high alcohol beer, wine and liquor. Two separate stores under one roof, essentially.

Well, it seems the battle is on in Kansas and Colorado.

In both states, grocery stores have noticed the rise in craft beer sales, and want their piece of the action. Liquor store owners want to protect their sales, and oppose the measure. Kansas link. Colorado link.

All this proves that money is at the root of all legislation. I predict that whoever contributes the most to their legislators will win. And that's the same in all 50 states.

Now that Texas' legislature is in session, it's time to write your representatives and ask them to allow microbrewers to sell their product on their premises.


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