24 July 2008

I Suck

The other day, I bottled the Donn's Famous Horse Cram It Brown Ale for competition. I thought it tasted okay. A bit sweeter than I expected, but okay. It did have a fruity smell.

I put the remainder of the keg, about 2 gallons back into the fridge. I tapped the keg last week, and looked forward to enjoying the beer. It was a short wait.

The beer pours up a gorgeous brown color with a tan head. It smells sweet, with a definite banana finish. The flavor starts off with banana. It transforms into a chocolate flavor and finishes roasty. I like the recipe because it is more chocolatey than roasty, making is slightly sweeter.

While the sweetness is good, the banana is not. Looks like I fermented too hot. I really need to build a fermentation box to control the temperature.


posted by Jeff Holt at 19:28


Blogger Basin Brewers said...

Hi Jeff, I usually run into the same thing once the summer hits so I have been using the tub in our guest bathroom to control the temp. I fill it up, put a wet dark t-shirt over the carboy and that helps the temp stay between 68-70 degrees. If I want it cooler I drop in some of the frozen bags that I get from Austin HB when I order yeast. It is easier than building a fermenting box.

10:30 AM  

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