16 July 2008

Kiwit Tasting notes

Before leaving for NHC, I bottled 24 Kiwits for competition. I had a pint the day before I left, and I left the cobra tap connected to the keg. I sampled it again the other day.

It turned Belgian on me! I poured a pint and sniffed. ???? So I took a drink. It has soured. Not a bad flavor, necessarily, just takes some getting used to. It's tart and dry, like a dry white wine.

Could it be the Belgian yeast? The Cobra tap left on? Or has it just gotten old? I kegged it 5/23, so it's 6 weeks old. Or, am I just a slob?

I need to sample a bottle and see how it tastes. I have already sent three bottles to the Lunar Rendezbrew, which is in a couple of weeks. I have also sent three bottles to the Alamo City Cerveza Fest and planned to send some to the Limbo Challenge. Now I'm not so sure. . .

Aw, macht's nicht! I'll send it anyway!


posted by Jeff Holt at 08:03


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