04 July 2008

Brewing Delay

I was supposed to brew this weekend.

I got my ingredients for the barley wine. Unfortunately, I didn't order 16 pounds of extract. I ordered 10. The Austin Homebrew site only lets you order LME up to 10 lbs. Then you have to add another order for more LME. I know I added the 6.5 lbs of additional LME. I can only assume that their order software canceled the second order or I didn't add it to the cart.

I called Austin Homebrew with my credit card in hand and said I wanted order some LME and pick it up on Saturday. The guy said, "Have you ever done it on the website?"

I said, "No. I'm on the phone."

He said, "Oh it's easy. Just choose pick up as your payment option."

I sat here for a few seconds and said, "So you want me to go to the website?"

He said, "Oh yeah. It's real easy."

So I said "Okay." I hung up and went to Northern Brewer and ordered the LME I need. Of course, that means I'm not brewing this weekend. . .


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