08 July 2008

Dancing Bear Pub - Waco

Dancing Bear Pub, 1117 Speight Avenue down the street from Baylor, is waiting on ATF and TABC approval to begin brewing. Their proposed beer list looks interesting. I'm looking forward to having a reason to get off I-35 when I am on the way to Dallas.

To show how slow I am, I didn't make the connection between Dancing Bear and Baylor Bears. I was thinking about how cool the name is when it clicked. Smart SOBs at this place. Always thinkin'. . .


posted by Jeff Holt at 09:58


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is the best Pub or bar in Waco! Great Craft beer selection! Neighborhood pub feel is authentic.

4-12am Sun to Friday 12-12am Sat

6:52 PM  

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