02 July 2008

For Next Year - American Barley Wine

I used to think I was not a barley wine man. They were too syrupy and sweet.

I have discovered American Barley Wines. (BJCP guidelines) I have discovered that not all barley wines are bad.

I want to brew a barley wine and maybe enter it into next year's National Homebrew Competition. The beer should age for at least six months, so that means I have to bottle by October 1. Now it's time to research and find a good recipe. I have a dozen or so recipe books, and there are over a hundred barleywine recipes. I need to study and learn what makes the best beer, or, more importantly, learn what makes an award winning beer. Those are often not the same things.

I recently heard Jamil Zainasheff mention that he brewed a Scottish 80 Schilling and entered it into the Scottish Ale category because judges want more of the 80 Schilling flavors in the red ales. Of course, he didn't place in that category, only in the mead category.

Anyway, any ideas for a barley wine recipe?


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Blogger Dean Brundage said...

I brewed this recipe a few years ago, aged it 6 months and it turned out pretty well. It is not an award-winning recipe, but like you I do not care for syrupy beers. I pitched on top of a yeast cake from a previous brown ale.



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