16 February 2007

Abita Bock Beer Review

The more I review beer, the more I realize I like most beer. Most of the eight or nine reviews I done offline score 15 points or better. Are they all really that good?

Anyway, the other day I bought a six-pack of Abita Brewing Company's annual mardi Gras beer, Abita Bock. And here's what how I evaluated it:

Appearance: Golden amber color with a thick white foamy head. 3 points.

Aroma/Bouquet: Fleeting, slightly sweet, with syrup tones. No hop notes. 3 points

Taste:Hop/Malt balance: Despite the malty smell, malt not too apparent. Slight bitterness on the tongue from hops. 3 points.
Aftertaste: Slightly sweet malt finish, with a tingly hop finish. 3 points.
Mouthfeel: Full mouth feel with lots of carbonation. 2 points.

Overall impression: This is really good. The slight malt finish reminds me of Spaten Oktoberfest. It's not as strong as Spaten, it hints at that flavor. I actually expected something like Shiner Bock when I bought this. It's more European in feel than Shiner. And I got to use my Abita pint glass! 3 points.

Total: 17 points


posted by Jeff Holt at 09:59


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