20 January 2006

Texas Microbrewery Festival - Maybe

My brewing partner has a guesthouse or three. He's always on the look out for ways to fill his rooms during off season. He's got a San Antonio astronomy club interested in a star party at Enchanted Rock State Park. Since he got into brewing, he's been trying to come up with a homebrewing festival in town, but isn't really interested in organizing it. So he pitched the idea to our local liquor store's owner.

She's managed to pitch the idea to a local group who has expressed some interest. Naturally, since I am a beer geek, and the she knows it, she has approached me to be on the committee that will investigate the possibility of such a festival.

I am not interested in a homebrewing festival. I am interested in a microbrewery festival.

My theory is: If you can find it in your local Mini-Mart, it's not a micro brew. I would like to see a festival that celebrates places like St. Arnolds Brewery, Real Ale Brewery, Live Oak Brewery, Independence Brewery, Rahr & Sons Brewery, and any other micro we can find.

Basically, I'm looking for input from fellow beer geeks and afficianadoes. What kind of event would you come to Fredericksburg for? Add an idea or suggestion in the comments section and I will send you a Gmail invite.

Yeah. I know. Everybody has 100 of those.

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