18 January 2006

Kegging delay

I talked to my brewing partner last week, and we had hoped to keg the Bourbon Stout Monday. But he had some things come up, and we're going to try for next Monday.

I have to admit, this is beginning to be annoying. Currently, he's working on finishing a guesthouse on the property and another in town, auditing an astronmy class over at Schreiner University, trying to organize a star party at Enchanted Rock next year, and he just doesn't have time to brew. When I wasn't particularly interested in brewing, he was. Now that I'm getting interested, he's losing interest.

On Monday, I will pick up some of my equipment and start brewing at my house again. I'll still brew at his place, but we only brewed 6 batches of beer last year. I would like to brew more than that.

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