04 January 2006

Front Range Fresh Hop Ale - Only at A-B Hospitality Rooms

Anheuser-Busch brewers in Colorado experimented with some fresh hops in tha fall, and the resulting brew is being served in hospitality rooms at A-B's four tour centers.

It is brewed using hops fresh off the vine, instead of dried as most brewers use. This gives the beer a "bolder hop flavor."

Brewmaster Jane Killebrew-Galeski (that can't be her real name!) said, "We think it can be a special thing -- like Christmas cookies -- that you enjoy one time a year. When we made it, we knew it wouldn't be practical to sell year-round. But the results were so good that we came up with having it at the tour centers as a way to share it." They expect supplies of the beer to run out by February. So if your in the vacinity of an Anheuser-Busch tour center, drop in.

Source: The Belleville News

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