01 March 2014

Custom Koozies For Your Event or Business

I love neoprene Koozies. I bought my first one at the 30th Anniversary of Austin's now defunct Aqua Fest way back in 1995. In fact, I still have that Koozie in my collection. I have neoprene koozies with a dozen different logos and colors. 

The other day, I got an email from Sam at True Imprint asking me to take a look at the company website, and help spread the word about their business.  I enjoy sharing cool beer gadgets and new products. Especially with my club, the Basin Brewers

True Imprint has several different types of koozies, including the original foam koozies which I dislike because of their size. 

I found that they also sell neoprene koozies! If you are a homebrew club and don't offer these to members, you need to re-evaluate your branding. I've already passed this along to the officers of the Basin Brewers, and have encouraged them to slap their logo on this thing.

If I were trying to make a living from this blog, first, I'd be insane; second, I would be passing these out everywhere I go.


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