12 February 2014

Deep Ellum Brewing to Host Fundraiser for Quokerwodger John Carona's Opponent

It's that time of year, craft beer lovers of Texas. It's time to decide which lobbyist's employee you want to vote for.

In the last legislative session, Quokerwodger John Carona introduced a draconian beer distribution bill that was opposed by everyone but the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas at the eleventh hour, screwing up two years of work on beer legislation. Turns out, one of Quokerwodger Carona's biggest contributors was Barry G. Andrews of Andrews Distributing in Dallas.

(A Quokerwodger is a wooden toy that moves when a string is pulled. It has come to mean a politician who is controlled by someone else.)

Politics create grudges, as I am sure you are aware. That's why John Reardon of Deep Ellum Brewing Co. is hosting a fundraiser for Quokerwodger Carona's primary opponent Don Huffines on February 19. "I'm choosing Don for the simple fact that it's time for a change. Twenty-three years is too long for any politician to be in office," he said in this story. He also pointed out that brew pubs, wineries and distilleries can sell their products at the end of a tour for off-site consumption. Only breweries are not allowed to do that.

So if your a craft beer lover in Dallas, go raise money for Don Huffines next Wednesday.

If you're not in Dallas, join Open the Taps, the grassroots consumer group that represents our interests in Austin. They will have the information you need to choose your candidate.

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