02 February 2014

Texas A&M Sends C&D Letter to a Brewery

The Texas Aggies have an almost century old tradition of calling the school "The 12th Man". Back in 1922, A&M basketball player E. King Gill (who had played on the football team earlier in his college career), was called from the press box where he was helping reporters identify players to suit up and help out if needed. The game against Centre College was grueling, and Coach Dana Bible thought he might need a little help.

Turns out, Gill never played a down. He later said, "I wish I could say that I went in and ran for the winning touchdown, but I did not. I simply stood by in case my team needed me."

Taking that statement to heart, the entire student body of Texas A&M became the 12th Man, standing during the entire game to show their support of the team.

The Seattle Seahawks was founded in 1976. Seattle fans were called the 12th Man in 1984 when their cheering was recognized as the loudest in the league, 137.6 decibels. The eardrum ruptures at 150 decibels. The Seahawks fly a flag with the number 12 at the stadium on game day. They have alse retired the number 12 in honor of their fans.

In 2006, Texas A&M sued the Seahawks over the 12th Man. A&M owns the trademark. Eventually, the Seahawks agreed to pay a licensing fee to use the term 12th Man.

Unfortunately, that agreement didn't extend to Foggy Noggin Brewing in Bothell, Washington. They brewed a beer called 12th Man Skittles IPA. As soon as A&M found out about it, they sent a Cease and Desist letter. (No word if the Wrigley company, who makes Skittles, sent one.)

Foggy Noggin has renamed the beer Cease and Desist IPA, which is a one off beer made for the Super Bowl tonight. The keg is small and will serve about 55 people.

Meanwhile, Hillard's Beer continues to sell it's 12th Can beer.

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