10 March 2013

Contact Your Senator

I contacted my State Senator last week asking him to oppose SB 639, which would completely undo all the positive changes in Texas' beer laws and create a government price control on transactions between brewer and distributor (leaving retailers and consumers to twist in the distributor's wind). Sponsored by Senator John Carona, R-Dallas, henceforth known on this blog as Quockerwodger John Carona, Q-Dallas, the bill is almost universally opposed by everyone, from ABInBev, Texas craft brewers, Texas Public Policy Foundation, Beer Alliance of Texas, to an alliance of Texas Retailers. The only supporter of Quockerwodger Carona's bill was-Surprise!-The Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas.

In order to better serve the citizens of the State of Texas, I re-propose that all quockerwodgers (read "politicians") wear the logo of the organization pulling their strings on their clothing.  Like this:
Quockerwodger John Carona, Q-Dallas

Contact your quockerwodger today!

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