06 October 2013

Dog Fish Head vs. Whip-In

Earlier this year, Austin's Library of Beers, Whip-In, opened a brewery named Namaste Brewery. Dogfish Head has approached the store about changing the name of their brewery. They have not filed a cease and desist.  Yet.

Apparently, people of Indian descent (and by Indian I mean from the sub-continent of India) can't use a word from their culture, but white guys can.

There is no way anyone could confuse Dogfish Head Namaste witbier with Namaste Brewing Company.  But I understand protecting copyrights. But I wonder what spurred the action? Could it be that on BeerAdvocate, Namaste Brewing scores higher that Dogfish Head Rehobeth Beach?

The truth is out there.


posted by Jeff Holt at 08:00


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