16 September 2013

Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout - Review

Appearance (0-3): Pours up jet black with a thick head that long lasting head. 3 points

Aroma/Bouquet (0-4): Roasty coffee aroma with hints of brown sugar 4 points

Taste (0-10): Starts with brown sugar and vanilla flavors, with peppery accents. Frankly, the label promised pecans and I don't get it. There are subtle hop bitterness in the finish. Full bodied and medium high carbonation. 8 points

Overall Impression (0-3): I like the alcohol, and I like the flavor. I had a problem picking up the pecans.  I like this beer, but that jealous that Wil Wheaton, who's been homebrewing a couple of years, gets this kind of gig. But that's the wrong kind of bitterness. 3 points

Total: 18 points


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