02 September 2013

Pedernales Brewing Company Oktoberfest

Now into their second year, Pedernales Brewing Company released its first seasonal beer last week: Oktoberfest. They only made a few dozen barrels, so it will be a limited release this year. Plans are in the works for a larger brewery, so I would expect a bigger release next year.

If you're planning to visit Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg, it will be on tap in the Main Pavilion and Kinderhalle. If you don't have rooms booked, you better hurry. The weekend is almost sold out!

Robert, one of the investors at PBC tried valiantly to get me out to the brewery to taste it, but I couldn't get away from work.  I guess he felt sorry for me, because he brought me a growler of the Oktoberfest. So I sat down with Star Trek: The Original Series: From History's Shadow (a great read that ties into Voyager's "Future's End", Deep Space Nine's "Little Green Men", Enterprise's Temporal Cold War, and the TOS episode "Assignment:Earth."), and sampled it.

It was smooth and medium bodied. Malty with some slightly assertive hops. It reminded of an Amber Ale, but since Oktoberfest is an Amber Lager. . . Nice and drinkable. I can't want for Oktoberfest to see how it ages!

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