04 September 2013

Pedernales Brewing Company Tasting Room Schedule

I've known for a while that Pedernales Brewing Company opens their tasting room and offers tours. I hadn't had the chance to catch one in a while, but last Saturday I got the opportunity to work in the tasting room. It's not as much fun to work in the tasting room, because the employees aren't allowed to drink on duty, but that's not a big deal.  Normally, I don't start drinking until 5 pm anyway. (It's Hell getting old.)

It was hot outside, and the brewery isn't air conditioned. But the fans inside kept it mild enough. On tap there were the flagship beers: Lobo Texas Lager, Lobo Negro, Classic Hefewiezen and Classic IPA. Also on tap was Lobo Lito (a summer pilsner), and their first seasonal, Oktoberfest, which I've already written about.

I was asked if I wanted to do the first tour. While I have taken the tour a couple of times and I know the brewing process, I didn't have enough details to feel comfortable about it. So I tagged along on a couple of the tours. Sure enough, someone wanted to know what the production was. I'm sure "Shit Ton" wouldn't not have been a good answer.

I met a couple of home brewers who had stopped by and we had a nice chat. One group had finished up a wine tour "for the ladies" and now it was the men's "reward".

We guestimated about 50 people had stopped by over the four hours, so it was never too crowded.

Next time you're in Fredericksburg, take the tour. Beer always tastes better at the brewery. And it will be the easiest way to find their quarterly seasonals on tap. (Shh! Don't tell anyone, but I hear a spiced porter is next.)

The tasting room is open on Friday from 3-5 pm, and on Saturday from 1-5 pm. Pedernales Brewing Company is at 97 Hitchin' Post Trail just south of Fredericksburg on US Highway 87 South. Look for the flags on your left. Call 830-998-7486 for details.

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