08 September 2013

My Brewing Schedule

Now that it's getting close to fall, it's time to start thinking about brewing. I need to mix up my brews a bit. In may I had five dark beers on tap, and nothing with hoppy.  So it's time to plan for the rest of the year.

September: I need to brew a Christmas beer, and thanks to a BN Secret Santa exchange, I have a Cranberry Christmas beer. I also want to brew Drew Beechum's Pliney the Toddler, a session IPA.

October: Dirk's Elixir will return in October (probably with coffee in it), and I will try Tasty's Session APA.

November: I will go back to my 2010 Shadow Warrior recipe in the first part of the month. On Thanksgiving Day I will try an experiment: I will make Dirktastic, what my dad calls grapefruit beer, but I will add the zest from a grapefruit. This is inspired by the Mad Fermenntationist's grapefruit infused IPA.

December: While going through some back issues of BYO, I came across their recipe for Fredericksburg Brewing Company's Pioneer Porter. I'll also try CYBI Unita Wyld XPA. And with any luck, on New Years Day brew Saison du Permienne.

That's the plan, anyway.  I'll probably screw it all up.


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