28 July 2013

Ninkasi Has Turned Against Me!

Normally, you would be getting a recipe here. But you're not. I truly intended to brew last weekend.

No! Really, I did!

But Ninkasi aligned things against me.

First I went to my LHBS, and  tried to order ingredients for the recipe, and they were out of wheat.  Wheat malt and flaked wheat were not to arrive for another week. Hell! I'd put off ordering a week because they were supposed to get it next week.


Satan recommended a homebrew shop near him, but their website was too hard to navigate. Instead of grouping the stock of the store in categories and letting me click on "grains", for example, their supplies were arranged on 70 pages.  Pass. I'm sure it's a great shop to visit, but their page isn't.

So, next I went to High Gravity Homebrewing and tried there. I was able to click a lot of check boxes to get my ingredients together, but the site crashed and lost all my clicked check boxes.


So I went to Northern Brewer. And their site was so slow that I couldn't get past the intro screen.

I guess I wasn't meant to brew last weekend.

Rest assured, as soon as a homebrew shop will let me buy ingredients, I will brew!

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