18 July 2013

Bud Distributor to Stop Deliveries to Whiteclay

The The Whiteclay Situation™ has escalated. On Monday, July 8, someone shot pellets at a beer delivery truck on it's way to Whiteclay, NE. This prompted Jeff Scheinost, owner of High Plains Budweiser in Scottsbluff, to announce that he would stop delivering to Whiteclay, and would instead deliver to Rushville, 20 miles south of Whiteclay. The Whiteclay retailers will have to pick up their orders and bring it back.

No other distributors have made any announcement, but I would expect them to fall into line. Distributors like things to be "fair", and if one is making retailers pick up their orders 20 miles away, the others will too. It will be interesting to see if the retailers in Whiteclay will swallow the added expense or close shop and reopen in Rushville to save gas money.

That's what I would do if I were a person who cared more about profits than people.


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