12 July 2013

Breweries Are Revitalizing Cities Across the Country

Satan wants to open a brewery. He's starting to do some research into the process, and keeps getting discouraged by all the hoops that have to be jumped through.

But, here is some news that should make him and the city feel a bit better.  It seems that a craft brewery can not only revitalize neighborhoods, but whole cities. Boston.com recently published a story about 6 breweries that did just that: Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City, Harpoon Brewery in Boston, Great Lakes Brewing in Cleveland (chronicled here), six breweries in the Ballard section of Seattle, Brooklyn Brewing in New York City, and 21st Amendment in California. Another news story circulating comes out of Portland, where Breakside Brewing is being given the credit for reduced crime rates in the Woodlawn neighborhood. In San Diego, breweries (expecting to need over 200,000 square feet in the next two years) are boosting real estate prices. And here's a story about the benefits of Duck Rabit Brewing on their local neighborhood. And, finally, a story about Cincinnati wanting to improve a neglected neighborhood by creating a brewery district.

So cheer up, Satan. It's not as bad as you might think. Your little brewery can benefit Midland.


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