04 May 2013

This Just In: Koozie™s Keep Your Beer Cold!

Normally, I would write: "From the Department of the Blindingly Obvious". However, I'll refrain from it this time. While it is still blindingly obvious, the why is interesting, and a nice contrast to the MythBusters cooling experiments.

As it turns out, the beer holder (Koozie™ is trademarked) does insulate cans, more importantly, it prevents condensation from forming which can cool your frosty brew six degrees in five minutes, much faster than hot air can warm it.

Dale Durran, professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington, and Professor Dargan Frierson examined the warming rate of beer in the dry climate of Seattle and the humid beachside climate of Wilmington, North Carolina. They found that the more humid the air, the greater the condensation and the warmer the beer.

You can test this in your own kitchen without letting your beer get warm.  Put a skillet on the burner on high heat and get it rocket hot. If you use a dry towel, you can handle the hot skillet easily. But if the towel is wet, you will drop the skillet on your foot before you can get it to a nice, safe place, because the heat is transmitted through the wet towel almost instantly.

The lesson? Keep a can holder near you at all times.  No one wants warm beer.

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