02 May 2013

Less Beer for More Money - ABInBev says You Demanded It

In the far distant future, a time when there is no US government, just rule by a single multinational corporation with no elected officials who beam advertisements directly into your brain 24 hours a day, someone studied ancient marketing will likely laugh his ass off when he reads about this.

ABInBev has spent millions of dollars developing a more expensive bowtie can that doesn't hold the traditional 12 ounces of beer that we're used to. They say that young adults are craving a more grippable can. (I suspect they are craving a can with a wider mouth that they can use instead of red Solo cups when playing beer pong, but I could be full of it.) So they have given these young adults, less beer for more per ounce than they can get now!

Our future historian won't be laughing at Budweiser, who will in a stroke make millions more per quarter than in the past because of the reduction in volume, but at us for saying, "Golly, gee whiz! Isn't that cool. I should buy a case and sell it on eBay!"

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posted by Jeff Holt at 08:00


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