10 May 2013

Craft Beer in Cans

Hop Talk via www.flickr.com creative commons
I remember back in the early 1990s, craft brewers exploded across the landscape and offered their wares in bottles.  Bottles, for God's sake! The only place to get bottles back then was the liquor store.  Supermarkets pretty much only sold cans.

Craft brewers, though, led the charge to bottles, saying, "The beer tastes better in a bottle!" 

Brewers even told us that their brown bottles blocked the harmful UV light, their tall six pack carriers helped shield the precious nectar inside, so we could experience the true nature of the beer, untainted by can taste. I also remember when Keystone was introduced. It was advertised to have a special liner that acted like glass to protect the beer.

And silly consumers, we bought into it. So much so that Business Insider says that now we have to stop dissing the can so craft brewers, who can finally afford canning lines, are starting to roll out craft beer in cans. Even Sam Adams is getting into the can act!

Now, the craft brewers have to start reselling us on aluminum cans.


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