10 April 2013

Another New Beer Social Network - Beer Thirty

Someone sent me a link to beerthirty.com and asked me what I thought.

I tried to sign up for an account, but the login process would not accept any username or email address, so the registration process failed every freaking time I tried.  There is a sentence that says "Login with Facebook," but there's no link do that. About the only thing you can click on are the ads.

I clicked on the community tab and, after noticing the photos of topless ladies holding beer and learning I can't view them because I'm not logged in, realized why I can't log in.  The last post was twenty-two weeks ago! They aren't letting anyone sign up.

The question remains, though, with BeerAdvocate, Rate Beer, More Beer Buzz, Aleuminati, and Untapped, do we really need another brewing social network?

The answer, of course, is Yes, if they show boobies!

So I switched from Chrome to Internet Explorer and got a completely different registration page! So I entered all my info and tried to register, but not a single Captcha code was valid! Twenty-two attempts!

Why oh why do you make it so difficult to register, BeerThiry?!

In IE, there is a button that says "Login in with Facebook." This will do it, I thought!

Nope. I get an error message telling me, "Someone recently tried to log in to your account from an unrecognized computer or mobile browser. Because you enabled login notifications, your account is temporarily locked. Please complete the following steps to regain access to your account."

But I am still able to use Facebook in Chrome. WTF?

I guess we'll never get to see the treasures withing BeerThirty.com.


posted by Jeff Holt at 10:18


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