22 March 2013

Quockerwodger Carona's Biggest Contributors

Wonder why Quockerwodger John Carona, Q-Dallas, sponsored such a pro-Distributor bill?

Carona, as head of the Senate committee through which most alcohol-related bills travel, received $44,500 in the last decade from the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas political action committee. His second largest contributor and largest individual funder at $69,500, is Barry G. Andrews of Andrews Distributing in Dallas, according to a Texas Tribune analysis of filings with the Texas Ethics Commission. Small brewery interests have given just $18,000 and only in the most recent election cycle.

The article the quote came from also indicated that Quockerwodger Carona was surprised that Open The Taps didn't represent a moneyed interest in the debate, and that the committee received more input on the craft beer legislation than any other issue.


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