02 April 2013

Herr Niedermeier's Dunkleweiss Tasting Notes

I've been drinking a lot of IPAs lately. I love hops! But I'd been hankering for a pint of dunkelweiss. Generally, I only drink when I work at Oktoberfest here in Paradise, even though I can get it a Judy's Liquor, my local honey hole, and HEB on a regular basis. And I am a big fan of Shiner Holiday Cheer, a dunkleweiss with pieces and pecans (And no, I will not try to replicate it.  Maybe. I have an old family recipe for peach cobbler that I once made with Holiday Cheer. I might rebrew this and add some peach extract at bottling.)

Anyway, Herr Niedermeier has been sitting in my fridge under CO2 for a couple of weeks. So I thought I'd give it a try.

Herr Niedermeier's Dunkleweiss

Appearance (0-3): Pours up a slightly hazy brown with a thin and quickly fading off white head. I know there should be some yeast in suspension, but I'm not a big fan of a lot of suspended yeast. 2 points

Aroma (0-3): There is some faint clove, some spice, and a hint of banana and chocolate in the nose. No noticeable hop aroma.  3 points

Taste (0-10): Slightly sweet malt flavor, with notes of chocolate, banana and (of all things!) coconut. It finishes dry. No noticeable hop flavor. It finishes sweet on the back of the tongues. Slightly under carbonated.  8 points

Overall Impression (0-4): I like it, but after a couple of pints, it's a little too sweet. I know I will be brewing it again. 3 points

Total: 16 points

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