30 March 2013

An Apology to Ben E. Keith - For the Moment

About 3 pm yesterday, I got a text from Kevin at Ben E Keith, telling me they had delivered Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 13 to the local Honey Hole, enough that I snagged two six-packs. (They had a couple of cases, but since I despise the Chase Card Mentality, I decided to let other people have some.  But if they aren't fast enough, those beers are mine! )

So I will amend my previous rant about Ben E. Keith. Instead of "Motherfucker!" I will use "Sonuvabitch". But, they do have an employee who cares about the Great Texas Craft Beer Desert.

Mea Culpa.

For now. Founders is still on the horizon.

Thanks, Kevin!

posted by Jeff Holt at 08:00


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