08 March 2013

Franconia Brewing Going Sustainable

I still haven't made the trip to McKinney to visit Franconia Brewing Company. (Nor have I visited their redesigned web site.)  I hope to do it someday, but until then I have to live vicariously through people like Ben Lane, who recently visited the brewery.

In the article, Dennis Wehrman, owner and brewmaster of Franconia, is quoted as saying he only wants to distribute in Texas, and only wants to grow to a certain size. Once he gets to that size, he will focus on the quality of his beer.

He also said that this regional brewer will also be off the grid, getting its power from solar panels, thermal panels, recycling vegetable oil from restaurants, natural gas, and their own spent grain converted into methane gas. Wehrman is already sending his spent grain to a farmer, and doesn't have a dumpster on premises. (Alaskan Brewing Company recently made the news when they announced they be burning their spent grains to create the steam that powers much of their brewery.)

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