26 February 2013

Going Back to Kits

I ran out of beer.

Yeah, I'm surprised you didn't hear the scream, too.

So I began thinking about keeping beer in the pipeline. Should I buy more pro beer? Well, Ben E. Keith hasn't brought any out of state beer into Paradise lately. So I'm stuck with the usual brews.

Should I brew more? Well, yes, but an all-grain brew day is long. I've been brewing a gluten free beer that is pretty quick to brew, and so I thought I'd do more kit beers, just for keeping on tap.

So I ordered an AHS Hoppy Ale extract kit to fill in the slack weekend when I can't brew all-grain. This kit I did on the stove top, following the kit instructions. I kegged it a couple of weeks ago, and, despite my CO2 issues last week, managed to keep the carbonation in the beer. It has the extract twang (a brown sugar taste far in the background), and the hops are more bitter on the sides of my tongue than I'd like. But this is a nice beer.

I brewed another AHS kit last weekend, with details to follow.  If you are an extract brewer, buy this kit.

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