22 November 2012

Beer Hunter Jacket

I'm a pretty easy guy to buy Christmas presents for. (Hint, hint.) Beer gadgets.  That's what I like. So feel free to drop $105 on the Enjoi Beer Hunter Jacket for me.  I take a XXXL.

The exterior, lower right hand pocket is insulated, perfect for keeping a couple of beverages frosty. In inside pocket can hold a Forty, if that's how you roll.

They advertise this as a skateboarder jacket, but I've seen "America's Funniest Videos" and "World's Dumbest. . .".  I wouldn't carry a forty in this thing. As sure as shootin', as soon as I ollied onto a handrail for a righteous boardslide, I'd fall, ramming the handrail into my testicles, and the glass from the once intact bottle into my heart.

No thanks.

I'll stick with cans while skateboarding.


posted by Jeff Holt at 08:11


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