02 November 2012

Wit Willie Tasting Notes

Just so you know, Satan* is a damn good brewer.  The last time he was this far east, he dropped off some of his beers. He left me a couple bottles of his latest cider, two bombers of Brother Spuds Oatmeal Stout, and three bottles of Wit Willie, a witbier.

Now Satan is not a particularly bashful fellow. He knows he makes good beer, but he likes to pretend he doesn't.  So whenever he brings me something, he always warns me it isn't his best and makes me promise to tell him if I like it.

So I got around to the Wit Willie recently.


It pours up a cloudy pale yellow with a nice head that slowly falls to a thin cap of bubbles. Plenty of orange in the aroma (I hope he's quit using D-Limonene.). Take a sip. . .ambrosia! Some orange flavor, notes of honey from the chamomile, a fleeting flavor of Fruit Loops, and a tiny bit of spice.

I hate him.  Mainly because he won't brew a whole batch for me. He only doles out a few bottles.


I want a phaqn case of this!

* My cousin. Not Old Scratch. He has been accused of being the Prince of Evil, though.


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