06 February 2012

Ranger Creek OPA Review

A couple of Saturdays ago, I went to San Antonio and picked up a case of Ranger Creek OPA. I have had this beer several times on tap. This is my first time in the bottle. I confess, I feel all giggly and nervous.

Appearance (0-4): Pours up a hazy orange with a thick rocky head that lasts forever. As you refill your glass, you do pick up some sediment, further clouding the beer. Bottle conditioning also makes this overfoam. It's worth the wait.  2 points.

Aroma (0-3): Hints of citrus, pine and pepper. And I get soap. But not in a bad way. 2 points.

Taste (1-10): There is a nice malt backbone here. Starts with a malt sweetness. The hops come through with a grapefruit flavor, and lingers on the back of my tongue. Medium to full bodied, with a nice carbonation tingle. Leaves a sharp bitterness at the back of my throat.  9 points

Overall Impression (0-3): Sorry, Old Dominion, this is now my new Favorite Beer. I like the blend of hops, the way it hangs on the malt base, and I like the mouthfeel. My only gripe (reflected in the scores above) is the bottle conditioning. I respect the idea.  I don't like it, though. But, since they won't let me live in the brewery, sleeping under the bright tanks, with an IV from the tank to my arm.  *sigh*  Where was I? Oh yes!  I love this beer.  I want this beer inside me. I want this beer in a store in my town. (I also want their .36 Bourbon Whiskey in my town, but that's the subject of a different blog.) 3 points

Total: 17 points.

Please, please, please, Ranger Creek, spread out into the hinterlands.

Buy this beer.  Drink this beer. It's very good.

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