27 January 2012

Want to Invest in a Brewery?

While Satan sits, hesitating, on the fence about opening his own brewery, more and more people are taking advantage of Kickstarter to get their breweries off the ground. The latest brewery to try it is Lucky Town Brewing, who hopes to be Mississippi's second brewery.

Lucas, Chip, Brandon & Angela want to tap (pardon the pun) into the growing craft beer market in Jackson, and want to offer local artists and musicians studios and practice rooms until they can afford their own. They also plan to be on the forefront of the effort to change Mississippi beer laws. Both laudable goals, in my opinion.

So if you want to stick it to The Man, head on over to Lucky Town Brewing's Kickstarter page and read all about their plans and their beers (“Stout of the Rising Sun” and "What the Elf?"), then go on and donate.

Beer can save the world!


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