26 January 2012

"It Tastes of Beef"

The Brandling Villa pub in South Gosforth, Newcastle, England has a special menu for dogs, and with it a beer made specially for dogs. The Menu includes "Chicken a la Franc" - a dog version of chicken chasseur; "Eggs Ladybird" named after the chef's dog; and a Sunday roast with "cat" gravy (That's beef stock with fish sauce. No cats were harmed in the making of the dish.)

The beer, called Dog Beer, is made with malt and hops, but also includes meat extract.  The manager pronounced it revolting, after sampling some before giving to his dog.  The dog didn't like it either.

This isn't the first doggie beer.  Bowser Beer is made in Arizona (with beef or chicken broth and malted barley but without hops, which are toxic to dogs).

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